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The establishment of Our Lady of Waldenstein Educational Centre Uga marks the beginning of the visible expression of Msgr. John Bosco’s love and care for young people. The centre was established in 1989 through the help and assistance of Hochwurdigen Herrn Pfr. Franz Rechberger. The development of the centre was gradual and steady. The first stage of development of the centre started with the nursery unit of the centre. The three years of nursery school was fully established with its necessary facilities. After three years of establishment, the primary school unit of the centre was developed. The primary wing of this educational centre was and still is first class due to the manpower that pioneered the foundation of its establishment. In this primary section reading is taught as a subject. The central idea about this is that there is no way a child will spend six years in the primary unit without being able to read texts in public as well as a in private. This will also prepare the candidate for the secondary education.

The centre also created employment for more than 15 teachers in both her nursery and primary units. Employment was created for 5(five) non teaching staff. The quality of students/pupils produced by this centre speaks for itself. Msgr. John Bosco being academic himself will not allow any half measure in the training of the young people. The centre trains young people not only in their academic life but also in their moral development.

The centre further developed its secondary education unit in 1998. The Konigin Des Friedens College (KFC) Uga, is the secondary unit of Our Lady of Waldenstein Educational Centre in terms of staff and facilities. Most of the teachers in this secondary education unit are graduates and retired teachers. The quality of students they are producing in both science and arts service is to the educational and moral training of young people. The activities o f the three units in this centre have proved this conclusively.