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The Voice of the Poor Foundation (VPF) is an inter-religious, inter-denominational, inter-cultural and international foundation. The VPF was founded by Msgr. John Bosco Akam in 1985. The foundation does not exclude, priori anyone from benefiting from its multifarious programme. It is a foundation destined to the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor people in our midst. As the name depicts, it is the voice of the voiceless, the medium through which poor people can be heard. The primary objective of the foundation is to create for the poor people, the possibility of being heard (apart from the secondary dimension which alleviation of the suffering of the poor to some extent).

On the underlying motive(s) of the foundation, the founder – Msgr. John Bosco Akam speaks:

The underlying motive of the foundation is basically the practical application of what has remained in people in form of ideas. you see, there is a lot of preaching, campaigns and speeches here and there: option for the poor, ever-readiness to look for the poorest of the poor, to help them and so on, by different organization, groupings and countries. But in this foundation, we have in mind the practical application of ourselves (the members of VPF) and the society to the cause of poor people. The motive therefore, is centred on the alleviation of the sufferings of the poor, not the total obliteration of suffering, for this is practically impossible in our own world. But could we not do something, no matter how small, for the poor among us? So to achieve this objective, I felt I could not do that single-handedly. Then, I had to form a foundation such that the crew of the foundation would engage in full blown diverse activities... the foundation will, through those activities bring about some relief to some poor people.

As to when the foundation was conceived and formalized, Msgr. John Bosco Akam (founder) explained:

The concept of this idea is quite long ago, but I gave it accent or made it to come to limelight in 1985, when I was in Belgium. Through some help from friends and benefactors overseas, I was bale to get something started by way of foundation. from that time the foundation existed de facto and not de jure. De facto in the sense of moving out of my way to help the poor people without signing papers, without writing, without organizing conferences and seminars and without even allowing people to know what I was doing. That was the time it actually stated, in 1985. It has taken many processes. For years I have been engaged in this apostolate incognito - I never allowed people to know what I was doing... That has led me to a series of projects for poor people all these years. Then, in the earlier part of this year (1996), we had to give it official approbation which is already accepted in some countries in Europe. So, its coming to public in a formalized way is simply this year (1996).

This foundation has developed rapidly especially in terms of its activities since its establishment. it has been registered in charity commission - Britain, as a charity organization. Here in Nigeria, the foundation has been registered as a charity organization in the Corporate Affairs Commission. The foundation has a board of trustees and management board in Nigeria and Britain which directs the activities of the foundation.

Voice of the Poor Foundation has been able to train individuals in Nigeria and Foreign Universities. The foundation has equally handled, in totality, the Marriage ceremonies of various couples in accordance to the Tradition of the Nigerian society. Asides her philanthropic activities, she has equally opened a home for Disables known as Vila Mis Recodia Dei (Home for Disable). She equally has a Collage for the Orphans and the less privilege in the society know as Konigin Des Friendes. It is a place where the hopeless are blessed with Hope. It equally has a Higher institution (TANSIAN UNIVERSITY), where over 2000 student are schooling there on full scholarships. thereby giving Hope to them.

Objectives of Voice of the Poor Foundation

  1. To help our brothers and sisters in breaking the cycle of poverty and misery created by hunger, disease and environmental degradation, especially in African countries.
  2. To engage in hospital apostolate for the benefit of elderly and/or handicapped persons.
  3. To provide shelter for our homeless brothers and sister.
  4. To unite broken homes and put a stop to child abuse which leads to poverty and misery.
  5. To assist young men and women of good will to get married and to sponsor their weddings.
  6. To engage in running if schools and vocational centers in order to offer sound education and morals to children and youths.
  7. To create employment and make people self-sufficient through small scale industries and petty trading.

Click here to visit VPF's website