The Man, Very. Rev. Msgr. Prof. John Bosco Akam (FCON, UN Peace Ambr.)

Very. Rev. Msgr. Prof. John Bosco Akam is a great philosopher, theologian, and a philanthropist. He has founded many foundations to cater for the poor, the physically challenged and the elderly in the society. He has also founded nursery, primary & secondary schools and the fast growing Tansian University.

Msgr. John Bosco Uche Akam is the great man of our time, he is father to many and he has given succor to vast majority of people in different capacities and in different spheres of life. Msgr. J.B. Akam is an academician of the higher degree. He is a linguist with proficiency in more than six international languages. A greater teacher of faith and morals. A great mentor to youths in the third millennium. An accomplished organist and composer of liturgical hymns.
--- Dr. Peter Okey Ejikeme

A Heart For The Poor

It was in 1985 that Msgr. Akam made a vow to the Almighty God that for the rest of his life, he would have in his heart, a soft spot for the poor. The special love for the poor culminated in the construction of VILLA MISERICORDIA DEI, home for the physically challenged, motherless babies and the orphans. Already in this Home, there are 41 disabled young men and women in different levels of primary and secondary education. Five of them are already graduates from different Universities in the country - all are beneficiaries of Msgr.

Johnbosco Akam   Johnbosco Akam   Johnbosco Akam
Winners of the 2018 Kongin Des Friedens Scholarship Foundation (KFSF) exams
KFSF is a Foundation by Johnbosco Akam



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